them pink legwarmers

My boyfriend and I reminisced our first times together last night. We talked about first impressions and more, and...

I learned that for the very first time I caught his attention, I was in school, and I was wearing these pink leg-warmers which (of course) caught his attention ...Like, who wouldn't glance at bright, pink apparel right?

I miss those 'first times.' Our relationship was so fresh and so young. We still had so much to learn about each other.

Never did I imagine we'd become the bestest of friends, and more.

So these bright pink legwarmers, I will never throw :)

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Liss *JahLiss*

16.mai.2009 kl.20:40

hahaha! S stt:)


16.mai.2009 kl.21:49

jeg har planer om bli interir designer:)! Virker kjempespennende!

18.mai.2009 kl.21:33

Hva skjer med vre pen, a? :) Fant bloggen gjennom Liss' sin, som jeg leser fast:)


18.mai.2009 kl.21:40

hihi, s stt :D

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